Cronos Launcher — Value Proposition, Tokenomics and Yearly Roadmap

Cronos Launcher
3 min readNov 24, 2021


In this article we will focus on three crucial points of Cronos Launcher:

  • Value Proposition
  • Yearly Roadmap
  • Tokenomics

Value proposition

What is Cronos Launcher?

Cronos Launcher is the #1 Launch Zone on the first EVM compatible and IBC interoperable blockchain: Cronos.

What does it means a Launch Zone?
A limitless, borderless, All-in-One platform to launch ALL kinds of projects:

  • GameFi (IGO Launchpad & Launchpool)
  • DeFi (IDO Launchpad)
  • NFTs (Offerings & Minting, Stake to Earn)
  • DAOs (DAICO & Airdrops)

GameFi Launcher

Thanks to the Play-to-Earn growth and the rebranding of Facebook in Meta, the decentralized gaming sector is going viral in Q4 2021.

The Initial Game Offerings (IGO) are the last trend. Cronos Launcher aims to be one of the main actors in building the Cronos Metaverse, supporting promising projects and giving players the chance to purchase and farm tokens before anyone else.

DAOs Launcher

Natively born in the DeFi, DAOs are quickly taking control of the crypto world, holding billions in assets and controlling most of the most significant DeFi protocols.

In a future dominated by DAOs, Governance tokens are the new standard in truly-decentralized projects giving the holders voting power, revenue shares and further benefits giving the investors a key position in their development.

DeFi Launcher

Cronos is a brand new ecosystem ready to be built. DEXes & Lending platforms are ready to develop. Indexes & Insurance protocols are ready to move from IBC-compatible, EVM blockchains, and some Yield Optimizers & Aggregators have already done it.

Cronos Launcher is the first incubator and accelerator on Cronos, active since day one and ready to launch the future leading protocols of this blockchain.

NFTs Launcher

NFT collections are sharply rising, becoming mainstream and gaining the interest of mass media and famous personalities worldwide, from NBA players to Hollywood stars.

Given its technical features, Cronos has the potential to attract a high number of creators to become a hub for Wrapped NFTs and Fractionalized NFTs, thanks to its interoperability and its cheaper fees.

Yearly Roadmap

Cryptos are moving fast, we all know that one year in crypto means a lot of time and for that, we decided to go ahead with a yearly roadmap.

Most of the projects are releasing very long roadmaps but after a while, they are forced to not follow them or modify them due to the changes in the crypto ecosystem. We want to fulfill our promises and at the same time to be flexible and ready to adapt in case of changes/evolutions in the market.

Our roadmap will go from 1 Jan to 31 Dec and will be yearly renewed.



We worked hard to find a balance between raising enough funds to develop such an ambitious project while keeping a low initial market cap but without vesting too much investors’ capital.

We decided to divide the sale into 3 phases, each phase will have different maximum investments and the higher it is, the lower the price and the TGE release.

  • Private sale ($0,0018).
    This sale is dedicated to VCs and B2B Partners, our aim is to build profitable, strategic and long-term partnerships with them.
  • Community & Pre-sale ($0,002).
    This sale is for Launchpads, Communities and Influencers without an entity but with a strong value proposition that could help Cronos Launcher in its growth.
  • Public Sale ($0,0022).
    This sale is for the Small Investors believing in Cronos Launcher, they are crucial for a project to achieve its success, and we won’t underestimate their value.


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